A Helping Hand, LLC

Parent Handbook

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things you might like to know.....

Place of Service:  Sessions take place in either your home, or in your child's school, wherever the problem behavior is occurring.  If sessions will take place in your child's school, please be sure to make appropriate arrangements with your child's teacher and the school director beforehand.  

Use of Session Time:  The last fifteen minutes of each session is dedicated to recording data in students' notebooks, and discussing what was accomplished during the session.  Parental involvement is a critical part of a child's success.  During this last portion of the session, we will discuss what strategies are being used during the sessions, and how you can implement these strategies to help your child outside of his or her sessions.  During this time, please feel free to ask any questions.  I strongly encourage parental involvement, and I will be more than happy to answer any questions or address any concerns.

Confidentiality and Privacy:  A Helping Hand, LLC is a HIPAA compliant limited liability company.  Therefore, all information shared during our sessions is strictly confidential.  

Cancellation Policy:  Please give notice 24 hours in advance in the event of a cancellation to avoid being billed for the session.

Payment:  I accept most private healthcare insurance plans.  Your insurance must have out-of-network benefits for the sessions to be covered.  If you pay privately for sessions, I will provide invoices at your request, which you can then submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Sick Policy:  If your son or daughter has a fever or an illness that is contagious, please cancel his or her session.  This ensures that I do not get sick, resulting in additional missed sessions, and that illness is not spread to other children seen throughout the day.

Winter Cancellations:  During the winter months, sometimes sessions will need to be cancelled due to inclement weather and hazardous driving conditions.

Hours of Operation:  All sessions take place Monday through Friday, between the hours of 8:00am and 7:00pm.  In the event that your child's availability will change, please give notice at least two weeks in advance.  This will make it easier to schedule an alternate weekday and time, if an alternate time slot is available.

Reasonable and Customary Fees:  A Helping Hand, LLC bills according to reasonable and customary fees established by the state of New Jersey.  That is, the average fee charged by a particular type of health care practitioner within a geographic area based on fair market value for the services provided.